Appeared books of Csaba Szabó

Contributions for folk music - prosody questions 
Genius Savariensis Foundation, Szombathely 2003.



The 18th-century Hungarian practice of vocal harmony from Transylvania 
Scientific Collection. Published by Balassi, Budapest 2001.

The CD contains three Transylvanian part-song manuscripts – Nagy Mihályék zsoltárkönyve (1753) [Psalter of Mihály Nagy et al], Orbán Sigmondék kóruskönyve (1766) [Choir Book of Sigmond Orbán et al] and the Kolozsvári kálvinista énekeskönyv (1766) [Kolozsvár Calvinist Songbook] - in facsimile and in modern transcription.
The music is prefaced by a comprehensive, analytical and comparative study written by Csaba Szabó, which gives a meticulous description of the manuscripts, incorporates them into the Hungarian historical part song tradition, and contrasts them with the different periods and instances of European harmonic practice and polyphonic song-writing.
Szabo’s study throws new light on the vocal polyphony of 18th-century college students.

ISBN number: 963 506 369 5
Price: 12 Euro
Gold prize of the Hungarian Artistic Academy, 1999.

Hungarian Csángós song-book 
András Seres – Csaba Szabó, Moldva 1972-1988. Héttorony, Budapest 1990.
Music and duty 
Kriterion, Bukarest 1980.
Musicological writings Volume I. 
Compiled by Csaba Szabó.Kriterion, Bukarest 1977.
The pedagogy of music of our age 
Kriterion, Bukarest 1977.